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Phi Omega was founded on April 10th, 1987. Michelle Walsdorf had transferred from Cornell University where she had been an active sister in the Phi Omega Sorority. When transferring, she missed the friendship, so she enlisted some help from a few friends and Phi Omega Sorority was founded at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point!

Phi Omega was founded by 8 fantastic friends, better known as: Michelle Walsdorf, Martha Beck, Darla Faken, Deb Danker, Sandra Buentello, Beth Bergman, Liza Tetzlaff and Marean Schleifer. After the creation of our friendship, the founders soon welcomed Missy Fraedrich  as our first pledge. To this day Phi Omega remains strong and connected, following the morals and beliefs the founders and alumni passed down.

Two Letters ~ One Choice ~ No Regrets

Family Trees

Cornell Family Tree.png
McGilli Family Tree.png
Malibu Family Tree.png
Bacardi Family Tree.png
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